IKEA Hemma with LEGO lampshade

LEGO lampshade

I’ve made a LEGO lamp shade for my Ikea HEMMA triple pendant cord set … A LEGO light for the boys.

Materials: HEMMA triple pendant cord set

1. Get 3 tin cans of the right size and cut a hole to fit the cord set at the base.

image (1)

2. Paint the cans with the colour of your choice.

image (2)

3. Glue on the LEGO bricks and position LEGO minifigures where you want them to be.

IKEA HEMMA with LEGO lampshade

4. Assemble the HEMMA cord set and attach to ceiling electrical fixtures.

5. Thread the cord set through the lamp. Screw in the bulbs.


You can find the tutorial on my blog.

~ Annemieke van Bochove