Hidden Coffee Table Hack

Hidden Coffee Table Hack | IKEA Hackers

Used IKEA modules:

  • Besta Frame 60x40x192 (W,D,H)
  • 2xBesta Shelf 56×36 (W,D)
  • Besta Drawer frame 60x40x25 (W,D,H) (optional)
  • Besta drawer runner push-open (Optional)
  • Lappviken door 60xx64 (W,H)
  • Lappviken drawer front 60×38 (W,H) (optional)
  • Lack Side table (only the legs are needed)
  • Utrusta push opener

Additional parts:

  • 4x carriage bolt
  • 4x Tessauer nut

This is a quite simple hack for creating a hidden, space saving coffee table almost completely out of IKEA parts. (all the sizes are in mm)

Step 1

Build the ordinary Besta tall frame. Place one of the shelves according to the manual just if you would have wanted to have a cabinet with door in the lower 1/3 section.

Step 2

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_push_to_open_for_table

Place the second shelf under the first one with two skipped pre-drilled holes. Attach the two push-opener mechanism as shown in the picture.

Step 3

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_table_holes

Drill holes into each corner of the Lappviken door with the size given. You may try in the bolts.

Step 4

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_table_circles_to_squere

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_leg_holder_bolts

Use a cutter to make place for the necks of the bolts. Cut only the upper side of the door. And don’t go too deep.

Step 5

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_leg_cut

Cut the legs of the LACK table. The size is given. (Strictly use table saw!)

Step 6

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_leg_hole_for_tessauer

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_leg_hole_and_tessauer

Make place for them, and place the tessauer bolts.

Step 7

Assemble the table.

Step 8

Enjoy the table, or hide it. 🙂

Optional Hidden Drawer

If you don’t want to leave a huge open area where the table top was (when the table is use), then follow these steps:

Step 0

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_drawer_front_position

An ordinary drawer front won’t be good, because its place is in front of the frame. That is why we have to hack it, to make it fit behind the table.

Step 1

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_drawer_front_cut

Cut the Lappviken drawer front to match the size given. (use table saw)

Step 2

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_drawer_front_holes

WARNING: with the following sizes you will get the same result as I had. The shelf’s top plane will be higher than the drawer front’s edge.

Drill holes into the drawer front as the measures are given. OR

Subtract 9-10 mm from the given sizes, and drill those holes with the new sizes.

Step 3

Place the drawer runner one place further back as shown in the manual.

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_hidden_drawer_closed

Step 4

Assemble the drawer with the hacked front panel.

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_hidden_drawer_open

Step 5

Enjoy your work!

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_hidden_table

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_pulling_out

Hidden Coffee Table Hack_activated_table
~ Bence Fazekas

Jules Yap