Crate bookshelf made from only IKEA items

Here’s the crate bookshelf that I made just previous to the KNAGGLIG/ HEJNE magazine rack.

knagglig crate bookshelf
IKEA products:

The EKET Base on Legs appears to be discontinued, but never fear, IKEA offers another product that I would have used had it been available before.

Tools used:

Instructions for KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf:

1. Assemble the six KNAGGLIG crates as per instruction EXCEPT leave the bottom off of two of the KNAGGLIG crates. And install the bottoms upside-down/reversed on the other four units.

This will create a flat top and bottom for smooth joining of the two stacks you’ll be making. You’ll need to use a spade bit to create a counter sink on the four holes of each bottom – I used a 1/2″ spade bit for mine.

knagglig planks

2. Stack three KNAGGLIG crates — 2 with bottom, 1 without bottom – so that the one without bottom is in the middle and the one on top is upside-down.

Once satisfied with the placement, glue them together. I used a rope wrapped around from top to bottom with a trucker’s hitch as a clamp. But you can always use a bunch of heavy books on top as a “gravity-clamp” until the glue dries. I used Gorilla Glue, but most any wood glue used for joinery should work.

KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf
KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf

3. Repeat step 2 with the other 3 KNAGGLIG crates. You can set both stacks up at the same time to dry.

4. Once the glue is dried and cured (I allowed 24 hours for the two stacks to dry and cure), remove all the slats on one side of both stacks. This will be the front of the bookcase.

Word of caution:

Somewhere between 2018 and 2019, IKEA has started to glue the planks of the KNAGGLIG before tacking them to the frame pieces. This has made deconstructing more difficult especially if you intend to re-use the planks in other projects as I did with these.

I’m rather proud of the console barndoor (pictured below) I made out of 8 KNAGGLIG planks reclaimed from this bookcase project. There were 18 planks so I was able to make 2 barndoors. Some changes that IKEA does I just do not understand.


5. Take one of the unused KNAGGLIG bottoms and drill four new holes near the four pre-drilled holes. Using these newly drilled holes, attach this bottom piece to the end of one of the two stacks with the two ribs of the bottom directly against the stack. This will be the bottom of the book case. Now attach the EKET legs to that new bottom. It should look like this:

eket legs

6. After setting the stack upright on the EKET legs, place the second KNAGGLIG stack on top. Glue into place. While the weight of the top stack should suffice, you may want to place some heavy books or other weighty objects as a “gravity-clamp”.

KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf
Making shelves

7. While waiting for the glue in step 6 to dry and cure (at least 8 hours but 24 hours is better), go ahead and cut the HEJNE shelves down to size.

I cut the HEJNE planks to 16-5/8″ long and the end pieces were cut to 8-7/8″ long. That made for a snug fit that almost didn’t need screws for support – almost.

The cut end piece made a convenient template for drilling the screw holes for shelf support.

8. Once the glue in step 6 has dried, time to put in the downsized HEJNE shelves. I used my template to place the shelf support even with the bottom edge of the middle plank on the side of the two stacks.

It is easier to actually drill all four holes and insert the screws far enough in that it just takes a turn or two to keep the shelf in place as you screw in all four screws.

KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf

9. Once you’ve got all eight screws put in for both HEJNE shelves (one for the top KNAGGLIG stack and one for the bottom stack,) they should look something like this:

KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf

That’s it … the finished crate bookshelf project:

KNAGGLIG crate bookshelf

For me, KNAGGLIGs are like LEGOs for adults and IVARs are like Erector sets.

~ by Darren Remington