IKEA STUVA bench: 1 item, 3 ways!

Lately I’ve been eyeing the IKEA STUVA range a fair bit. I have a spot in my bathroom which seems perfect for the STUVA bench. I want it as a bench but with an overhead rail for towels. So I am brewing a hack …

IKEA STUVA storage bench
Photo: IKEA.com

Originally, the STUVA range was made for kids … but trust us hackers to not leave a good thing alone. In my research for ideas on the STUVA, I’ve seen it morphed into quite a few incarnations. Here are 3 to get your creative juices flowing.

I present to you:

IKEA STUVA bench 3 ways!

IKEA STUVA Bench 3 Ways | IKEA Hackers

1. Mudroom bench and storage

STUVA mudroom bench | IKEA Hackers

The STUVA bench is used as the main portion for storing shoes and a place to sit and put them on. A board & batten is added behind the bench to hold coats, bags and scarfs. It’s super compact and super cute. Great if your landing space isn’t all that big. See the complete tutorial.

2. Roomy litter box for 4 kitties

STUVA cat litter for 4 kitties | IKEA Hackers

This is taking it into totally different territory than what IKEA intended. The STUVA is not just wonderful for kids, it is also great for kitties. It’s drawer is big enough for 2 TROFAST storage boxes, which can hold 4 cats’ poop! All you need to do is cut a rectangular hole in the front panel and of course, clean up after the 4 cats. Read more here.

3. Kids play table


I spotted this at Mommo Design, credited to littledeer.nl (though I could not find the original post on the site). I love how multi-functional it is. It’s a bench, it’s a desk, it’s storage, it’s a cubby hole for hide and seek. I would have wanted one, if it came in grown up sizes. Wait! It does! Kudos littledeer.nl (via Mommo Design).

Do you like the STUVA range? If so, what do you like about it? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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IKEA STUVA Bench 3 Ways | IKEA Hackers