Nässjö Flower-Vase

Needed items
1 Nässjö candle holder
1 Galej tealight holder, a tiny flower- or an eggpot…
1 Glädjande candle dish (smallest size: 14cm/6″)

Even though the following idea might be very simple, it’s quite effective and I’d like to share it.
The Nassjö candle holder can easily be turned into an impressive flower vase:
Instead of candles, you can place a small tealight holder (such as Galej) into Nassjö. It fits perfectly. Also tiny flowerpots, other small candle glasses or even egg-pots can be put into Nässjo. I recommend to use small orchid pots for higher bouquets.
You can place the Nässjo Flower-Vase on a small Glädjande, both match as well.

IKEA Nässjö flower vase

~ Katryn

Jules Yap