Two-storey cat litter house with nightlight

Cat litter house with nightlight

I’ve just made my first real Ikea Hack. It’s a two-storey cat litter house that also contains solar powered lighting that automatically switches on at night.

IKEA items used:

Additional required items:
-2x Cat Litter box
-2x Cat Flap
-Several strong Door Magnets
-Door handles
-4x Door Hinges that require some pressure to move
-some light wood rails to cover the cables
-4x Metal pieces to screw two panels together

Tools required:
-Drill with a wide drilling bit
-Electric Saw

Use the wide drill bit and your electric saw to make a hole into both supporting walls that is large enough to insert the cat flap into. Once done insert both cat flaps.

After that build the unit with all except the drawers. Instead of building the drawers together just screw the two front panels of the drawers together to make them into a door. Attach this door to the unit by using hinges at the bottom and magnets at the top of the door. Use more magnets on the bottom door, as it should be able to hold your cat’s weight without opening up. Attach a handle to the side of each door so that you have enough grip to pull the doors open against the magnets.

Cat litter house with nightlight - inside view

Use one of the spare wood parts of the drawer to make a ramp going up to the top floor. Most cats can easily jump that high, so consider this step as optional.

Drill a line of holes into the roof piece and the middle floor. Each hole should be large enough to contain one of the SOLARVET LED lamps. Insert the lamps from top downwards and cover the cables witha a wood rail to secure them from your cats. Place the solar panel anywhere outside the unit.

Cat litter house with solar powered nightlight that turns on automatically

~ David Lee

Jules Yap