Smart fitted LACK headboard


LACK headboard

List of Ikea items used:
10 Lack side tables 55cmX55cm each
2 Jansjo spots with a clip

My bed is of 170cm width and I could not find a fitted bedhead, surely not a practical one. I also needed it to have some depth, so that I could put our alarm clocks on it and some lightning for reading. Furthermore I had a height limitation since there is a light switch on the wall above the bed that I didn’t want it move. So I used 3 rows of Lack tabletops, leaving some space between the tables in the front and back rows. (The middle row has 4 tabletops (220cm) while the front and the back row has 3 table tops.) This way I could control the width, plus I left some space for any electrical cords to be hidden. First I glued together the tables with wood glue, and then used mounting triangles behind and underneath the board, for better fix. I also used 8 of the tables legs, underneath the headboard, to give it more stability. This way I did not have to mount the headboard on the wall, it is standing perfectly on its own, and can drag and clean it whenever I want.

Sketch of headboard plan

After finishing the headboard, I used 2 Jansjo spots with a clip, and screwed the clip (there is a hole on it) on the headboard. The cord and switch were hidden inside the space I left between the front tabletops, while the cords of the alarm clocks inside the space in the back row.

Depth for things like my alarm clock

The side wings extend out

smart headboard

Jansjo lamp for the LACK headboard

Total cost : 50 Euro for the Lack tables, 34 Euro for the spots and around 10 Euro for the glue and the mounting triangles.

~ Ioanna