Transform an IKEA Filipstad glass door in a nice framed mirror


IKEA items used: Filipstad glass door


• First, choose the size of the mirror that will fit in your room : 15”x30”, 15”x40”, 18”x30” or ”18”x40”. For a small bathroom, I recommend a 18” x 30”.

• Cover a solid table with a thick cardboard and place the glass door, face down.


• Attach securely the glass door to the table with clamps.

• Clamp a strong metallic guide along the side of the glass.

• With a sharp cutter, cut the strips of wood that holds the glass. Go very slowly, until you can see the side of the glass, 3 mi/m inside the wood.

• Repeat around the glass, only on the right, left and up sides. Keep in place the wood at the bottom of the glass.

• When the 3 sides have been cut, it is easy to separate the glass from the wooden frame.

• Use the glass as a pattern to shop a cut mirror that will perfectly fit into the frame.

• Then secure the mirror in the frame with nails or inserts : I used a Logan F500-2 Dual Drive Elite


• I finally cut and attached a shelf at the bottom of the framed mirror.


~ J-M. Bouley