A made-to-measure KALLAX corner bookcase

Made to measure KALLAX corner bookcase


  • 2 Kallax shelves 4×2 boxes
  • 2 Kallax shelves 4×4 boxes
  • 12 doors,
  • 3 baskets
  • 4×2 drawers.

Price : 800€
Time : 30 hours

We first looked at different shops to buy a giant bookcase for our living room. It was too expensive so we decided to build it. Obviously, IKEA was the solution because IKEA’s furniture is strong and very good value for money.

There are many hacks on internet. We’ve spent hours studying pages.
We wanted a 3 meters high, asymmetrical bookcase, with some boxes closed by drawers or doors and electricity inside.

We particularly looked at those 2 projects:

EXPEDIT giant built in

EXPEDIT shelving with sliding GALANT desk combo

We chose it to be bright white.
If we removed the horizontal upright of the furniture and place it on the floor, it was possible to obtain a made-to-measure bookcase.

The idea was to build the 4 Kallax, to move some vertical shelves to create the asymmetry, to mount the 4 Kallax together and the whole bookcase on the wall.

We also made 2 crosses with the unused shelves as we found on this german website.

Hope you’ll like our hack. See more here.

~ Elementaire Moncherwatson