Win $200 gift certificates in the IKEAhackers Giveaway

IKEAhackers Giveaway with CoverCouch, O'verlays, Panyl, Prettypegs and Semihandmade

We’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m thrilled to finally pull back the curtains on this fun collaboration with my 5 amazing sponsors. CoverCouch, O’verlays, Panyl, Prettypegs and Semihandmade are “IKEA-hack companies” that supply products that fit the IKEA system. Think of them as supplier of hacking shortcuts.

Not liking the SEKTION doors IKEA offer, then head to Semihandmade. Need more patterns and texture on the MALM chest of drawers? Panyl and O’verlays may do the trick for you. Worn out EKTORP sofa? Upgrade it with sexy new Prettypegs legs and slipcover from CoverCouch.

Let them show you how easy it is to change the look of your IKEA.

IKEA KALLAX hacked into a Sideboard table

ikea sponsor giveaway_1


  • 1 Kallax 4 cubby unit
  • 2 Kallax insert doors
  • 2 Kallax insert drawers
  • 2 O’verlays 13” Ruby panels
  • 2 door pulls (varies) we used some old door knockers spray-painted gold metallic
  • 4 drawer pulls (varies) we used unfinished wooden pulls spray-painted gold metallic
  • 2 Panyl for Kallax doors in Poplar
  • 4 Panyl drawer covers for Kallax in Poplar
  • 4 Prettypegs Estelle 480 Ash Natural Coffee table legs


  1. Assemble the Kallax unit and inserts according to the manufacturer’s instructions, leaving off the doors and not yet putting the drawers into the unit.
  2. Screw on the Prettypegs leg plates on all four corners of the Kallax unit. Screw in the legs and set the piece up on its legs.
  3. Drill a hole for the door pull in the center of the doors.
  4. Apply the Panyl sheets onto the insert doors and drawers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The O’verlays panels didn’t need to be painted for this project because we wanted them white but decided to give them a spray of white matt to get a finished look.
  5. Apply the O’verlays according to the manufacturer’s directions. We used a silicone adhesive for this project.
  6. Once dry we attached the doors and put in the drawers.
  7. Install the hardware and you’re done.

IKEA SEKTION Wall Cabinet hacked into Semihandmade Standing Cabinet

ikea hacks2_Update


  • 1 IKEA Sektion 30”w x 40”h Wall Cabinet
  • 2 30” IKEA Wall Shelves
  • 1 Richlite Black Top
  • 4 Prettypegs Estelle 170 Ash Natural Legs
  • 2 Semihandmade 15” x 40” Basketball Court Doors
  • 4 IKEA Utrusta Hinges
  • 2 Door Pulls (not shown/optional)


  1. Assemble IKEA wall cabinet
  2. Attach Prettypegs legs
  3. Attach Richlite top with latex caulk
  4. Insert hinges into doors
  5. Insert shelves into cabinet
  6. Attach Semihandmade’s doors to cabinets
  7. Enjoy!

Well, now you can hack these too. Just take part in our giveaway to win gift certificates from any one of these 5 IKEA-hack companies.

10 prizes to be given away

Each winner takes home a gift certificate worth USD200 from one of the sponsors.

All you need to do is answer this question:

Choose one of the five IKEA-hack companies featured in the giveaway and tell us why you’d like to win a gift certificate from them:

“What product you like and what IKEA hack you would use it for?”

(Please note the winner does not win a specific product, but a gift certificate of USD200 to be used at the sponsor’s store.)

You may submit your answer for the IKEAHackers Giveaway by leaving a comment on this post or on Instagram with the hashtag #ikeahackwin.

The giveaway ends February 12th. Don’t miss out.

I’ll be sharing another two hacks from these IKEA-hack companies next week. Stay tuned.

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