Turn Grundtal drying rack into a pot hanger

IKEA GRUNTAL rack as a pot hanger

This hack will give you extra storage and a sophisticated accent to your kitchen.

In our old flat we used this rack in the bathroom for our towels. In the new flat there was already a towel rack, so we were looking for a new usage of this Grundtal rack.

IKEA GRUNTAL towel rack

This hack takes you about 1 or 2 hours.

1. Shorten the ends of the strud about one hook with a handsaw (see scribble). otherwise it would touch the cooker hood. if you want to hang it higher you won’t have to shorten it. Mind your height and the height of the utensils that will hang there later!

2. Remove the first two rods of the rack and the connecting rod of the strud (see scribble). It’s easy, just screw.


3. We attached screws and two butterfly nuts each to the strud instead (see photo and scribble). This works fine but maybe you will have a more elegant idea.

4. Now fix the rack on the wall. we used dowels because there will be a leverage effect. Be careful with electric cables in the wall!

We used Grundtal hooks for hanging our utensils. Now you can display all your nice pots and utensils!

If you have an idea for reusing the three leftover rods let me know!

IKEA GRUNTAL rack as a pot hanger

IKEA GRUNTAL rack as a pot hanger

~ Jana Hadam

Jules Yap