A cuter FULLEN

FULLEN new legs

Hello guys,

I’m Ela and I’d like to show you my way to hack the IKEA FULLEN washbasin cabinet.

IKEA FULLEN sink cabinet with new BRATTVAG legs

I just didn’t like the sad and simple look of this cabinet because of his grey, cheap legs and door knobs. So I decided to pimp it up with gold metal knobs and different legs. It’s an easy way to give the washbasin cabinet an interesting and expensive looking style.

Photo: IKEA.com

Step 1: Built the cabinet like explained in IKEA’s description.

Step 2: Instead of the grey plastic knobs, mount different ones. I decided to take the IKEA FÅGLAVIK in gold (5€/2pcs.).

Step 3: Mount the IKEA BRATTVÅG legs (20cm: 20€/4pcs) by using flat washers and nuts.

Photo: IKEA.com



~ Ela 😉

Jules Yap