A cuter FULLEN

Hello guys,

I’m Ela and I’d like to show you my way to hack the IKEA FULLEN washbasin cabinet.

IKEA FULLEN sink cabinet with new BRATTVAG legs

I just didn’t like the sad and simple look of this cabinet because of his grey, cheap legs and door knobs. So I decided to pimp it up with gold metal knobs and different legs. It’s an easy way to give the washbasin cabinet an interesting and expensive looking style.

Photo: IKEA.com

Step 1: Built the cabinet like explained in IKEA’s description.

Step 2: Instead of the grey plastic knobs, mount different ones. I decided to take the IKEA FÅGLAVIK in gold (5€/2pcs.).

Step 3: Mount the IKEA BRATTVÅG legs (20cm: 20€/4pcs) by using flat washers and nuts.

Photo: IKEA.com



~ Ela 😉