Hackers Help: Pax to Narnia hidden door?

I am moving to a new apartment which has a door that will be rarely used right in the middle of one of the walls in the living room. I would like to hide it in a wall-to-wall closet like the image below.

hidden door inspiration photo
Source unknown

I always wanted to have a hidden room in the house and although the Billy as a secret door hacks look really nice, gaming has shown me that you would see the tracks of the wheels after a while.

What I already have: 2 BILLY’s and 2 GNEDBY’s

I was thinking of using a PAX closet and leave out the back carton, but you always have that step on the bottom and I doubt it is supposed to be able to carry the weight of someone standing on it.

Photo: IKEA.com

Any suggestions on how I may construct this hidden door?