Swedish folk costume from 5 IKEA bags

swedish folk costume

What can be more Swedish than a Swedish folk costume from 5 IKEA bags?

IKEA items used:

  • 4 blue IKEA bags
  • 1 yellow IKEA bag
  • Dvala sheet to the hatt

Last Swedish National day I was thinking about what to wear to next year’s celebration. I saw a picture of the royal family in their folk costumes and an IKEA logo picture…

I started thinking of how to sew, it had to be big stitches, and how to get on the flowers and leaves. Another problem was to get a yellow bag… But I got contact with someone at the press office and she sent me some. I searched for examples of ‘real’ Swedish folk costumes and started making it. FUN!

swedish folk costume from IKEA FRAKTA bags

So I found a description of how to make the hat and I had a sheet laying in the closet.
And now I’m finally ready for Swedish national celebration!

~ Heidi