KALLAX Platform bed

Ikea Hack platform bed

I made this bed for my daughter after she had been begging me for bunk beds and I totally knew she would out grow them way too fast. She loved this bed and it was super easy to make!


(2) KALLAX 8 cubby
(1) KALLAX 4 cubby
(1) Large piece of plywood Approx 60″ X 80″ for Queen Size. Home Depot cuts it for free!
(1) 3′ X 3″ piece of Plywood
(1) 3″ X 5″ landscaping wood tie cut to height of bed
(2) Long wood screws

Place (2) 8 cubby KALLAX shelves on floor against wall aligning with footboard and headboard of bed. We placed our bed sideways to get the most space in the bedroom.

Connect the wood tie securely to the 3X3 plywood using wood screws. This will serve as the center support for the bed. Place this piece on the floor in the center of the bed.

Place (1) 4 cubby KALLAX in the front of your platform – we put ours to the side but you could center it as well.

Place the 60″ X 80″ plywood over the KALLAX shelves. You may want to screw the plywood into your center base support so it doesn’t slide.

We covered the plywood in fabric and then placed the queen mattress (no box springs) onto the platform. My daughter used this for 3 years and then decided to change her bed but kept the KALLAX shelve units for storage.

This Hack is great as it left tons of storage under the bed that was easily accessible!

~ Sarah Baugher Crosby