IKEA laundry sorter: Wear. SORT(ERA). Wash. Repeat …

What do you get when you stack 6 SORTERA boxes? A nice laundry sorter to organize your clothes before washing them.

But what makes my version even better is I added a laundry sorter label on top of each lid.

IKEA Sortera boxes laundry sorter labels

Materials for laundry sorter labels:

On that, I printed a picture of the correct washing machine settings. I edited the picture a little so only the correct setting is shown.

This way I also had some space to add what goes inside the box and which detergent to use.

IKEA Sortera boxes laundry sorter labels

IKEA Sortera boxes laundry sorter labels

I simply took a picture of the different settings with my phone, edited it in Pixelmator and added two text boxes with all necessary information.

I guess you could also do this on your Mac with the photos app & pages more comfortably. I used a 16:5 picture ratio, which fits the lid well.

DIY laundry sorter labels

After printing the six labels, I put them on the boxes using double-sided tape.

Why, you ask?

Our cleaning lady once washed all together … wool jackets with underwear and the dog’s towels. My wife wasn’t too happy, but she has no time to do the laundry herself either.

With this solution, we can sort the clothes and our cleaning lady can do the rest. Problem fixed!

~ by Martin Storbeck

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