Rolling laundry cart made from affordable IKEA crates

My goal was to make a simple rolling laundry cart for a room in the attic with a very low ceiling, 2ft/60cm at its lowest.

It had to be easy to move around, have several compartments, affordable, and nice to look at.

Mission accomplished.


Rolling laundry cart made from KNAGGLIG boxes

Materials for rolling laundry cart:
  • 4x KNAGGLIG boxes – the bigger ones
  • 4x RILL wheels (one set)
  • 3x hinges from a hardware store
  • 8x 15-20mm wood screws to join the crates
  • 12x 8-10mm wood screws for the hinges
  • 16x 10mm wood screws or slightly longer bolts + nuts to attach the wheels

This cost me about 60 euros.

IKEA KNAGGLIG storage box




Instructions for KNAGGLIG rolling laundry cart / storage box:

1. Assemble the KNAGGLIG crates according to the instructions.

2. Attach two crates side by side using a total of four short wood screws that go through the topmost and the lowest piece of wood. Make sure alignment is good. The crate might be slightly crooked.

3. Repeat for the other two crates.

4. Stack the crates and attach the hinges. One in the middle and one in each end.

Rolling laundry cart made from KNAGGLIG boxes

5. Attach the wheels to the bottom.

Rolling laundry cart made from KNAGGLIG boxes

6. Make sure any screws didn’t poke through the wood on the insides of the crates. If they did, cut and file off the excess.

Rolling laundry cart made from KNAGGLIG boxes

Note that my cart doesn’t have a frame. You don’t want anyone sitting on it. It might not be a good idea to store bowling balls in it either. However, it’s very easy to add a frame to the bottom if you need a stronger cart.

With this design, you also need to lift whatever is in the topmost crates in order to access the lower ones. Works great for sorting laundry or other light items.

Rolling laundry cart made from KNAGGLIG boxes

This design is easy to customize. Want just a rolling laundry cart with two large containers? Leave out the bottom part between crates.

Want a lid for the cart? Use the KNAGGLIG bottom: invert the top crate, then invert the bottom of the top crate to make a smooth top. Add hinges.

Happy hacking!

~ by Mikko

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