My home office from IKEA kitchen cabinets

A few months ago my wife and I decided to put a new floor on the house. We got twins so the house wasn’t big enough so we needed some space. This is my new home office. Made from kitchen top and kitchen cabinets.

Home office from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in Holland are 60cm and the countertop is 63cm. I wanted a bit more space so decided to get my hands on a stainless steel plate.

Wooden countertop desk

The printer is installed in the place where you normally the oven put. The piece that was cut out was trimmed and placed with a small piece if a front. this hides the heavy duty shelf underneath it.

Printer goes in the cavity for the oven

The other side of the office, I placed 2 cabinets I already had. And did some new doors in front of it. I placed next to it a different IKEA cabinet. I also cut a piece of wood as a countertop to match my desk. The only problem I had was that I had to place them a bit higher otherwise the baseboard wouldn’t fit.

The other side of the home office

There are still things to do: finish baseboards, and some trim around the windows