See how this Fireplace TV wall hack transformed the space

fireplace wall with tv ideas

This is how I realised my idea for a TV wall with fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets.

We originally had a wall mounted flat-screen TV with an electric fireplace beneath, artwork above on a blue shiplap wall.

We wanted more storage cabinets around the TV and also a focal point for the living room. But we’re not handy enough to make it from scratch. So, we asked how much it would cost to have it custom Fireplace and TV wall cabinet made for us. €9000,00 was more than we wanted to spend.

before shiplap wall

So I started to see what was possible with IKEA and this is the result. The total project costs about €1500,00. I really like that the KUNGSBACKA anthracite doors are anti-fingerprint and it turned out exactly as I had in my mind.

Fireplace wall ideas with TV using IKEA kitchen cabinets - After!
AFTER! Dual purpose entertainment center

What I Used:


  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Put your Fireplace wall and TV design idea on paper

ikea kitchen planner

Use the IKEA kitchen planner to draw the cabinet configuration.

Step 2: Get materials

Order the needed cabinets and doors from IKEA. Buy supplies you need from the hardware shop and the Internet.

Step 3: Assemble the cabinets

We laid one cover panel down as the base of the structure. The panel will lift the cabinets up so the doors won’t hit the floor. This saved us the hassle of having to build a wooden base for the structure.

Step 4: Cut out openings for cables

cut out for socket

Next, we cut out the back of the cabinet to let us to plug in our cables to power up the fireplace and electronics. We also drilled a hole through the side of the cabinets so we can get cables through to the second cabinet. To make sure that we can always get to it, we put an extension socket behind the fireplace.

cabinet for fireplace insert

Step 5: Connect the cabinets

Connect all the cabinets together with connector screws. For the upper row, connect the 3 cabinets together first and then put them on top as one unit.

Step 6: Prepare the fireplace cabinet

IKEA cabinet for fireplace insert

The 2 cabinets where the fireplace is housed are 60 cm wide each. The sides that meet each other is where you need to cut out the opening for the fireplace insert. 

Step 7: Test fitting

electric fireplace

We wedged 2 wooden poles between the top and bottom panel so they are stuck. Then we placed the fireplace straight in. Don’t screw the fireplace in yet. That’s the last thing you do.

Step 8: Add lighting for your TV wall

light point

Then, we drilled holes for the spot lights, clicked them in and connected them. I cut a little out of a plastic pot and put it over for protection.

light cover

Step 9: Connect the wires

Connect all the wires and lead them to the right place.

Step 10: Mount the TV

Saw 6 blocks of wood and screw them in the TV area to the sides. Put a vertical bar in the middle. Saw the backplanks on the right size and saw out on the right place openings for the wires (behind TV and on bottom behind soundbar.

Step 11:

Put the wires through and screw the planks on. Saw the KUNGSBACKA panels on the right size and screw them in.

Step 12: Make a feature panel

TV mount on feature panel

The oak lined panel behind the TV are several pieces of 30 cm wide that we made. They are made to fit snug. We didn’t screw them in, just in case we ever need to get to the wires behind them. In such an instance, we can take them out and unscrew the planks behind the TV. The TV wall mount is screwed on the planks in the middle where the bar is behind. The light is screwed to the oak panel.

Step 13:

Make a panel the right size to put behind the fireplace and saw the opening in. Some wooden blocks in the corners and you can screw them from inside the opening on.

Step 14: Construct the top panel

Make 3 wooden bars from the top of the closet to the ceiling and screw a KUNGSBACKA panel on. Cover the screws with black covers.

Step 15:

Fireplace wall ideas with TV

Put the last panel on and screws at the top.

Step 16: Fireplace and TV wall done!

Fireplace wall ideas with TV

Assemble all the doors on the cabinet frames and connect the fireplace.

~ by Erica

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