KALLAX Wall Unit with Smart Tiles

Kallax wall unit with smart tiles embellishment

4×4 KALLAX 102.758.62
1×4 KALLAX 402.758.46
4* KALLAX drawer 902.866.49
4* BULLIG bamboo box 302.648.86
10* SMART TILES “Bellagio Keystone” SM1034-0 (www.smarttiles.com)

To give credit where credit is due, I saw this IKEA Hack and I liked the usage of the Smart Tiles.

kallax tiled-4

I used one tube of Gorilla Glue adhesive (in the caulk gun tube version), screws (where the wall bracket (pre-drilled holes) are located), and clamping to connect the 4×4 KALLAX atop the 1×4 KALLAX

The whole unit is anchored to my wood sub floor with some beefy screws.

My original plan was to have 4 KALLAX Smart Tile faced door units above the KALLAX drawer units … but my wife laid eyes on the BULLIG bamboo boxes (conveniently located on the showroom floor in the KALLAX section).

The natural blonde colour and texture of the bamboo serves to brighten up the whole affair, nicely counterpointing the Smart Tiles, and makes a better alternative to the swing-open doors, which would be over thinking the whole hack; and give the bottom a little too much visual ‘mass’.

I had to strategically lay out the drawer fronts (the Smart Tiles are 10″x10″, narrower than the drawer width and higher than the drawer height)

I applied the Smart Tiles as though the combined fronts were one piece, then carefully cut them apart with a sharp razor blade.

kallax tiled-3

kallax tiled-2

kallax tiled-1

A quick plunge with a drill bit thru the cabinet pull mounting hole was done next, before assembling the drawers (*carefully* marked as to location)


Jules Yap