Stovetop Spice Rack

DIY stovetop spice rack

I’ve been looking for a DIY spice rack for the top ledge of my stove. I store spice jars there, but they fall in the crack between the wall and the stove. When I saw the Marietorp picture ledge, I know it would be perfect for what I needed.

Items needed:
• 1 Marietorp picture ledge (29 1/2″)
• 3 Scotch mounting squares (6lb strength)

1) Cut one Scotch square in half. Follow the mounting directions and stick each half on each end of the top of the stove control panel.
2) Follow the mounting directions and place 2 Scotch squares over the screw holes on the back of the Marietorp ledge.
3) Line up the Marietorp ledge until they are even with the half squares.
4) Firmly press the back of the Marietorp ledge against the rear wall, then press down until the bottom of the ledge is secure on the half mounting squares.

That’s it. It is now a fully functional spice rack mounted above the stove.

~ by Christina Guza