trofast makeover 5

trofast storage makeover-5

I made a total makeover of an old TROFAST frame – a remnant from my daughter’s early childhood.

trofast makeover-before

1. I painted the frame a Chalky Finish paint.

trofast makeover-4

2. I changed the shelves into doors and attached them to the frame with door hinges.

3. I added wheels to the original top of the TROFAST and flipped it over to become the bottom.

4. The original bottom of the TROFAST was hollow, so I cut two pieces of a plank and made a topper. I painted the top and joined the two pieces together with hinges.

trofast makeover-3

trofast makeover-2

See complete TROFAST storage makeover tutorial here.

~ by Myrto Panayiotopoulou, Greece

Jules Yap