Easy DIY TROFAST Doors: Use the TROFAST shelves!

I had an old IKEA TROFAST frame sitting around that was a remnant from my daughter’s early childhood. Rather than let it continue collecting dust, I decided to give it a total makeover and transform it into something useful once again.

The first step was to clean the frame thoroughly. Years of dirt and grime had accumulated, so I rubbed it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust and grime. Once clean, I let it fully dry before moving on to the next steps.

It was ready to be turned from open shelving into an enclosed TROFAST storage unit with doors.

trofast makeover-before
Photo Credit: Myrto Panayiotopoulou

1. Paint with chalk paint

trofast makeover - painted with chalk paint
Photo Credit: Myrto Panayiotopoulou

To give the frame a refreshed look, I decided a coat of paint was in order. I wanted something with a soft, matte finish that would be easy to wipe down and maintain over time. Chalk paints have become very popular for DIY furniture makeovers thanks to their versatility.

After prepping the surface by sanding lightly and wiping off any dust, I rolled on two thin coats of chalky finish paint. The paint has a beautiful matte texture that mimics the look of aged furniture but stays clean. It was the perfect choice since this storage unit would see a lot of use in my hallway.

As the paint dried, it brought new life to the IKEA frame. The crisp white hue brightened up the space, while the chalky finish made it feel cozy and worn-in. I was thrilled with how it turned out and knew the paint would stand up to whatever messy projects I threw at it. The updated frame was ready for the next steps in transforming it into a functional storage solution.

2. TROFAST doors from shelves

trofast doors added from shelves
Photo Credit: Myrto Panayiotopoulou

I took two of the shelves and changed them into TROFAST doors. It was easy — just flip them and attach them to the frame with door hinges. I couldn’t believe how perfectly they fit. You can also cut a piece of pine board or MDF to cover up the openings if you don’t have spare shelves.

Or, if you have the larger TROFAST, you’ll need multiple shelves to cover up the entire length of the opening.

3. Add wheels

To make the storage unit more mobile, I wanted to add wheels to the bottom. However, the original flat bottom of the TROFAST frame wasn’t conducive to rolling. That’s when I got the idea to flip it upside down.

I measured and marked where to drill holes in the corners of what was now the bottom panel. I chose locking castor wheels that could handle the weight load and provide stability as it rolled.

Drilling the holes with careful precision was key. I lined them up evenly so the wheels would sit flush. With the holes complete, I screwed each wheel securely into place.

4. Make a few bi-fold cover for the top

Hinged topper for trofast doors storage unit
Photo Credit: Myrto Panayiotopoulou

The original bottom of the TROFAST was hollow, so I came up with the idea to make a custom topper piece. I chose a sturdy plank of wood, measured and marked where to cut it in half lengthwise to make two even pieces that would form a hinged lid. After cutting with a circular saw, I sanded the rough edges until smooth. Then, I painted them with 1 part Relic and 1 part Legacy Americana Decor Chalky Finish.

Once dry, I installed strong hidden hinges along one edge of each piece. This would allow the lid to be propped open for easy access. I placed the hinges evenly spaced across to provide stability when closed.

Fitting the two pieces together, I was pleased with the finished look. Not only did it hide the hollow bottom, but the hinged lid added function. Small items can be kept hidden from view under the lid.

trofast doors closed storage makeover
TROFAST doors for closed storage | Photo Credit: Myrto Panayiotopoulou

The poor, neglected shelving frame became a very beautiful storage unit for our entrance hall.

~ by Myrto Panayiotopoulou, Greece