How to hack IKEA corner loft beds with play area

I have two small sons who share a bedroom. To maximize the space, I wanted corner loft beds so they could sleep downstairs and have a playground on top. I guess this could work both ways; you can switch the top bunk for sleep and bottom bunk as a play zone.


  • MYDAL bunk bed x 2
  • TROFAST storage combination x 1
  • KUSINER storage box (1 or 2)

How I made corner loft beds with a play area

The space on top serves as a playground and is also home to the ever-expanding city of LEGO. We can also turn the play loft into an extra sleeping area when the kids have friends on a sleepover. Another advantage of the MYDAL bunk bed is that there is plenty of space under the bed, which we can use to store toys, games, and seasonal clothing (in KUSINER boxes).

DIY corner loft bed with play area
Photo Credit: Bjørn Aksel

Step 1: I assembled the TROFAST storage combination to serve as stairs to the play loft.

Step 2: I assembled the two MYDAL bunk beds but omitted the side rails and ladder in the construction. I also shortened one of them so the corner loft beds are 2 meters in both directions. I placed them in the corner and screwed the two bed frames together. (The step to shorten the bed is optional if you prefer to have full-length beds, which will work just as well. We just don’t have the space for it.)

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IKEA MYDAL corner loft bed with play areaa
Photo Credit: Bjørn Aksel

Step 3: I wanted to create a cozy vibe for the corner loft beds, so I decided to make it more private. This style may not work for your kids. Using a table saw, I cut out a few sheets of 19mm MDF boards to cover up the sides of the bed and also serve as a safety rail for the play loft. Using a brad nailer, I fastened the boards to the frame. The boards also reinforced the structure and made the corner beds sturdy.

Next, I used a jigsaw to cut out some circles on the boards so I could see in and the kids could see out of the bed. I made sure to sand down all the cut pieces to remove any splinters and sharp edges. I also cut two pieces of MDF boards for the play loft floor and fastened the boards down to the MYDAL bed frame.

play loft with bed
Photo Credit: Bjørn Aksel

Step 4: The last bit was the most fun. I painted the MDF boards white and stuck laminate flooring on the play loft. The lick of paint brightened everything up and made the bed stand out against the kids’ room’s green wall.

And the kids’ corner loft bed is done. The boys love it and have been spending much time on the play loft.

IKEA MYDAL loft bed hack
Photo Credit: Bjørn Aksel

I also installed lights on the inside so they can read in bed.

When the younger boy grows too tall for the shortened bed, we’ll move the elder boy upstairs so they can have their own space. But for now, this is working fine for them, and they enjoy sleeping in the corner beds.

DIY corner loft bed with play area
Corner loft beds with play area | Photo Credit: Bjørn Aksel

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