Two Projects in One Flat: #1 The Cupboard

After our two sons left home, we downsized to a two-bedroom flat. Shortly afterwards, one son returned home, followed by the other a few months later.

Our flat is fairly spacious, but lacked storage for four adults’ belongings and a third bedroom. Using PAX wardrobes, my husband managed to build a walk-in cupboard and, using Billy bookcases, built a bedroom for my younger son.

Walk in Cupboard

As I mentioned the cupboard was constructed using Pax wardrobes, one wardrobe door, one metal kickplate and one door handle as follows:

1. Wardrobes built and placed side by side facing the rear wall of the living room, around 2ft from the wall (this distance can be varied dependent upon the amount of space available.

Pax walk in cupboard 1

Pax walk in cupboard 2

2. Wardrobes fixed to floor using small brackets.

3. Wardrobe nearest to side wall fixed to that wall using small brackets.

4. Wooden batons fixed to rear of wardrobes and to ceiling forming a frame to allow plasterboard sheets to be attached.

5. Wooden batons fixed to side of wardrobe furthest from the side wall of the living room at the top, middle and bottom of the wardrobe. Batons at ceiling height and at top wardrobe extended to meet baton which has been affixed to the rear wall.

6. Plasterboard sheets affixed to frame.

7. Doorway entrance formed by fixing facings to baton at top of wardrobe height and to baton on rear wall and to edge of wardrobe.

Pax walk in cupboard 4

8. Wardrobe door attached to wardrobe at side nearest the made doorway. Metal kick plate attached to wardrobe door. When wardrobe door is open, door to cupboard is closed. When wardrobe door is closed, door to cupboard is open.

Pax walk in cupboard 3

9. Skim walls.

10. Attach skirting board.

11. Paint.

I think this was a brilliant solution to our problem providing a walk in cupboard with shelving and space to store suitcases, etc.

Project #2 – The Bedroom will be posted tomorrow.

~ by Denise Grant

Jules Yap