Bamboo Arcade Controller

Bamboo Arcade Controller


VARIERA Box with handle, bamboo (IKEA #702.260.53)
APTITLIG Chopping board, bamboo (IKEA #802.334.30)
FIXA Stick-on floor protectors (IKEA #241.556.00)
Electrical Tape
Wood Stain Varnish
Sandpaper (for example: P60, P120, P220)
Piece of cord, 20-25cm long
Wood screw, for example 4x(13mm x 4,8mm) + washers, 12x(20mm x 3,5mm), 2x(12mm x 2,5mm)

Arcade components:

SANWA Joystick with cable (ZERO DELAY KIT)
10 x 2Pin Cable for Push button (ZERO DELAY KIT)
2 x 24mm Push button, snap-in (ZERO DELAY KIT)
8 x 28mm Push button with nut, screw-in (ZERO DELAY KIT)
Printed “Button_Layout” A4 paper (

As a project I wanted to do something that involved design, 3d modelling and illustrations. I came up with the idea to design a retro looking arcade controller. I decided I wanted to use bamboo as base material for the controller and started investigating where I could easily obtain it.

Briefly, what I did was take the IKEA VARIERA box (without the handle) and cut it down to size, so it becomes a shallower box. Then I made a cover for the box from the APTITLIG Chopping board, again measuring and cutting off the excess.

I punched holes in the APTITLIG Chopping board for the control buttons. I used a 24mm wood spade bit. After sanding, I stained the pieces with wood stain according to instructions.

I attached the arcade components to the chopping board, connected the components to a power source and placed the lid on top of the VARIERA box.

Download the milo_assembly_instruction_v1.00.

For more information on the build, please visit my site.

~ by Fredrik Setterberg