Grand Bissa Storage Bed Head

This version is the same as Bissa Storage Bed Head, but elevated using the wooden planks to create drawers under the Bissa cabinets.
This allows access to the bottom compartment and for a “grander” (taller) bed head.


IKEA items used:

  • 3x Bissa 2 compartment shoe cabinets
  • Utrusta push open drawer hinges
  • Wooden planks (or 2/3 table tennis table top)
  • 8x L brackets
  • Screws
  • 1 long beam (150cm long)
  • 6x 5mm nuts and bolts
  • Ikea safety bracket (L shaped)
  • Optional for extra shelf(ves):
  • shelf pegs
  • wooden shelf(ves) cut to size (~45.2cm x 23.9cm)
  • screws

I used an old table tennis table cut into planks to make the drawers. I measured the height of the drawer to fit my bed base so that the Bissa bottom compartment could open when the mattress was pushed forward.

Creating the bottom drawers
Approximate dimensions of the planks:

2x top: 25.5 x 152.5cm (width of the table tennis table)
2x sides: 22.2 x 152.5cm

2 x Drawers:
4x Sides: 22.5 x 76cm
2x bases: 22.5 x 76cm
2x outer front: 25.5 x 25.5cm
2x inside back: 19.5 x 21cm (I ran out of wood on 1 edge, so cut down a little on this one)


  • Make a long rectangular tube by screwing the top and bottom to the 2 sides. Use about 6-8 screws for the top, and 6-8 screws for the bottom, evenly spaced.


  • Screw drawer sides to bottom using 6-8 screws.
  • Screw inside back between the 2 sides. (Note: if you screw it beyond the 2 sides, the drawers won’t fit unless you cut the drawer depth shorter)
  • Attach front panel to sides by using 4x L brackets per drawer. The front panel sits beyond the drawer, but check that when the drawer is in the frame that the front edge doesn’t get stuck on the floor (especially carpet)

rsz_20160925_163914 rsz_20160925_164024 rsz_20160925_164018

Attach Utrusta drawer push opener to the middle of the frame ends – 1 for each side.

rsz_20161214_163315 rsz_20161214_163415

Stain/colour drawers to your liking. (I only did the top and the drawer fronts since you can’t see the rest).

See Bissa Storage Bed Head for instructions to install shelves.



  • Pull out bed base (substantially)
  • Place 3 assembled Bissa shoe cabinets onto drawer structure.
  • Use Ikea safety safety bracket to attach each cabinet to the drawer unit (screw in the L bracket at the base of each unit and the other edge into the drawer unit). This is needed for safety as the cabinets are elevated and can topple over.
  • Drill holes in the long beam such that the holes correspond to the pre-drilled holes in the back of top compartment of the Bissa cabinets (see picture).
  • Note: I only had 5, so I drilled an extra hole in the middle cabinet (see picture)
  • Use bolts and nuts to secure the beam to the back of the cabinets. This is for safety and so the cabinets don’t move independently.

Side cabinets have 2 bolts:


My middle cabinet has 1 bolt:


My middle cabinet has a “tissue box height” shelf, so a hole had to be drilled into the shelf to allow the nut to fit. It also secures the shelf around it so the shelf doesn’t move.


Finished product allows access to bottom compartment minimally even with mattress in place.


Full access to bottom compartments when the mattress is pulled out.

There you go: a grand bed head with lots of extra storage.


~ by Anna Y

Jules Yap