Birch Dining Table from Hammarp Countertop

Birch Dining Table from Hammarp Countertop

This table started as 2 Hammarp countertops.

First I spliced the countertops together to make the table, and cut the curved ends.

DIY birch dining table

I used the spare wood to build the legs and support structure below. I used silicone to bond the blocks in place after building the leg structure.

Leftover material for the legs

Using birch as a building material is so nice, it has a very close grain so the cuts come out perfectly smooth. To make the curves on the table, I cut out the rough shape with a jigsaw, then used a template and router to make the perfect curve.

On the legs, I used a band saw to cut rough curves and used a disk sander to finish the curve to the final shape.

Support for the table top

~ by Daniel Tagtow


Jules Yap