Coffee capsule holder hack

Coffee capsule holder closed

Coffee capsule holder open

It was always a problem for us, where to store the coffee capsules. We simply could not choose any holder version from the manufacturer, because they also needed a lot of space like simple boxes. So we decided to make our own, which can be moved out of the way after use.

For the 40cm long capsule holder we used some components of the following sets:
– 2 pcs. Grundtal single rail 40cm
– 2 pcs. Grundtal double rail 40cm
– 1 pc. Grundtal shelf (6xRails) 80cm
– 1 spring cylinder from Malm with 6 drawers (Wear a wide smile, and you can get one from the customer service :D)

(If you are OK with a 80cm long version, you only need the 80cm shelf, one Single rail, and the spring of course)

1. The trickiest part was to remove the unnecessary bends from the shelf frame.
2. Drill two holes for the spring as seen on the picture.
3. Assembly as usual with one little difference. At one end, attach the two short ears with longer, or double ended screws (found in the package of the single rail Grundtal).
4. Attach the spring
5. Position, and fine tune. The closer you screw the spring’s loose end to the base, the greater the angle will be when opened, and the capsules may fall out.
6. Have a well earned coffee of your choice. 🙂

Coffee capsule holder

Coffee capsule holder

Warning! Do not let it opened by the spring only! It is far too strong. Follow, and hold back the movement with your hands!

~ by Bence Fazekas

ps.: 2 sets of double rail 80cm, and 1 set of single rail 80cm for sale…