DIY wooden wine glass rack to fit the IKEA IVAR

So I needed extra wine glass storage, due to the increase in my wine drinking in the time of COVID. I decided to build a wooden wine glass rack onto my IKEA IVAR shelves

I had a couple of IVAR cabinet doors left over from a bookcase I made. So I used the strips of wood from the back of the cabinet doors, and a spare piece of 12x140mm pine. 

IVAR door

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DIY wooden wine glass rack for IVAR

First, I cut the 12x140mm pine into three to make five 29 cm lengths.

Next, I cut the ends off the IVAR support pieces. Then attached all the IVAR ends to the pine lengths. 

DIY wooden wine glass rack

The last step is to screw the pieces onto the underside of an IVAR shelf. You could also do this using T-moulding, if you have that lying around. 

attach to shelf

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I admit I am not the most accurate of hackers. So I placed the wine glasses onto the underside of the shelf to work out how to measure the distance between the lengths.

I just happen to have a few smaller Champagne flute bases than the standard 7cm wine glass bases. So I made one of my rows thinner to accommodate them.

But you can adjust the width to whatever glasses you have. Just be aware to leave space for the IVAR supports that the shelves rest on, and give the width between rows a few extra mm.

Some of my rows ended up just a little tight, probably because I cut the pine lengths with a jigsaw and they were not dead straight. 

But my IVAR wooden wine glass rack turned out pretty functional in the end. 

DIY wooden wine glass rack

Now to stock up the bar shelves. 🙂 

~ by Jo S 

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