Expedit media unit transformation


As you can see I removed a divider to make space a while ago. And added shelf on rails. Now I was getting a bit tired of its big and bulky look, so I decided to completely upgrade.

The Ingredients:
1) Expedit TV storage unit.
2) Expedit (box of 1×1) – IKEA stopped offering it in the new Kallax series.


The work:
First I disassembled both and then I mixed them to build 2 units:


a) The top piece, I use it as a stand up 1×4 book storage (length 150cm)
b) The one below is the base for the new media unit (length 180cm)

Instead of 5 compartments like the old one, I decided to merge the 3 middle compartments to 2 larger ones, in order to fit my receiver, which is longer than the Expedit compartment size.

So I drilled new holes for the divider to fit in the middle.

I decided also to raise the media storage and created 4 legs from the leftover panels of the original. And so my cleaning robot will be happy to clean underneath.


Bought from IKEA sale section, some melamine white shelves and cut them be the middle section doors, bought flat hinges and fixed them so it will open downward.


The door handles are also IKEA Blankett.
Then I installed drawer rails to the shelves, so I can put my equipment on shelves with easy access. Now I am happy with my setup.


~ by Assaf

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