A dream DIY LEGO table that any kid will want

DIY LEGO table

My sister asked me to build a large LEGO table for her boys and I thought that it’s much more practical to do an IKEA hack rather than make it from scratch.

IKEA items used: 


Photo: IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 

¾”x4x8′ Plywood (doesn’t have to be a nice grade, it will go underneath anyway)

• ½”x4x8′ Plywood sheet (for shelves – optional)

Smooth wall panel with a prefinished white coating

• (3) 1×2″x8′ select pine

Wood glue

1 ¼” brad nails



Wood filler (optional)

DIY LEGO Table instructions: 

1.  Assemble two IKEA TROFAST storage units as per instructions.

2. Cut ¾” plywood and a wall panel to length. In my case it was 3×6′.

Trofast units  DIY LEGO Table

3. Using gorilla glue, attach the wall panel to plywood.

4. Make a trim. Cut 1x2s to length. Attach them to the plywood board and plastic sheet using wood glue and a brad nailer.


Use wood filler to hide the cracks (if you have any haha) and to cover holes from brad nails. Sand it all smoothly.


5. Make shelves for one side. This step is completely optional. I made 6 shelves. I used ½” plywood that would fit perfectly to the shelf sections of the TROFAST storage unit. Dimensions of the shelves are 17×11 ¾”.

Watch the video of my DIY LEGO table:

6. Paint the table and trim. First, I covered the whole area with a primer, and only after that painted with color.

7. Attach tabletop to the TROFAST storage units. I used 1 ¼” screws and they were a perfect length for this project.

8. In the end, we used caulk to hide all imperfections on the sides of a tabletop.

DIY LEGO table IKEA Hack
How long and how much did it cost?

6 hours. $260 ($170 + materials)

What do you like most about the hack?

It’s so functional and can be a LEGO table, a craft table or a train table.

DIY LEGO table IKEA Hack
What was the hardest part about this hack?

To cut white panel without chipping. But I used caulk later to fix all the imperfections.

See the full tutorial and other tips on my blog.

~ April Reade