Nailhead Console Table: An entryway table luxe upgrade

Nailhead Console Table - IKEA LACK Entryway Table Luxe Upgrade

The size of the IKEA LACK console table is right for entryways and hallways. But it’s just a bit, how should we say it, meh? It’s certainly not the furniture piece to make an impression and say “hello” to your guests when they arrive at your doorstep. Orchid rethinks the LACK console table and gives it the polish it lacks, tipping her hat to this nailhead console table.

Materials for a DIY nailhead console table:

IKEA LACK console table

Step 1: If new prior to assembling or disassemble if an old piece, wrap side panels with fabric of your choice. Depending on width of fabric you will need about 1 ½ yards.

Wrap the sides of the console table with fabric

Step 2: Use small finishing nails to secure fabric at what will be the rear of your table. Remember console tables are usually up against a wall or a sofa.

Step 3: Use a bowl to outline the circle. You can use chalk to draw the circle. Then use a straight edge or ruler to draw the four lines emanating from the circle, the border of the panel the front of the panel.

Mark where the nailheads go

Step 4: Use a tape measure and pencil to make the dots one-inch apart on the circle, and all the lines drawn.

Mark where the nailheads go

Step 5: Place upholstery nails on dots using a hammer. To avoid scratching nail head you may put masking tape on the hammer head.

Place upholstery nails on console table

Step 6: Assemble table

Step 7: Wrap top of table in fabric of your choice. You can staple in place on the underside of table top.

Wrap console table top with fabric

And you’re done!

Nailhead Console Table - IKEA LACK Entryway Table Luxe Upgrade

Nailhead Console Table - IKEA LACK Entryway Table Luxe Upgrade

For step-by-step instructions, you can view the full tutorial on Youtube.


See my YouTube channel Orchid Place here.

~ by Orchid

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