Got BESTÅ Covered: A record player stand

We had an ugly pine cabinet that held our amp, cd player etc. It HAD to go and we were in the market for a new record player stand.

Materials used:

  • 1 x Pallet cage that held wood for wood burner – Free
  • 1 x IKEA BESTÅ TV bench – £40
  • 4 x Hairpin legs – £25
  • Wood Glue
  • Panel pins
  • Stain
  • Beeswax (these came to about £15)


  • £80


  • 16 hours approx

How to hack a record player stand from BESTÅ units

I dismantled the pallet wood cage, removed the nails and sorted it into same lengths.

Measured the BESTÅ unit and cut the wood to length.

Using a nail gun and Gorilla Glue I encased the unit in the pallet wood.

BESTÅ wrapped with pallet board

Then I sanded all wood till smooth.

BESTÅ sanded and prepped for staining

Next, I stained the wood using Medium Oak then Dark Oak Colron Danish Oil then finished with beeswax.

BESTÅ record player stand - stained

I put 4 heavy duty hairpin legs on and put it in place to make sure it was level.

For the time being I have used the BESTÅ door but I am making a door from pallet wood with a grill in it to allow air through onto the amp.

But it doesn’t look that bad with the BESTÅ Door.

The other door was cut down to make the shelf.

BESTÅ record player stand - IKEA Hack

BESTÅ record player stand - IKEA Hack

BESTÅ record player stand - IKEA Hack

I put a plug board on the back and cable-tied all the cables up as well so very little was visible underneath the cabinet. Drilled some access holes for the cables in the hardboard backing. Popped amp, cd player and records in and Bob’s your Uncle.

BESTÅ record player stand - IKEA Hack

Just got to tidy those cables up and replace the skirting board.

What would I do differently next time?

Have a 2cm overhang on the top at the front so the door is flush

Hope you enjoyed this.

~ by Gerred

Jules Yap