Hackers Help: How to hack this into a corner desk?

Does anybody know how to hack this desk to become a corner desk? It’s already an IKEA hack but it’s too wide for the space I need and would be perfect in the corner of my room.

How to hack this into a corner desk?

~ by Kim


Hi Kim

It’s hard to advice without any dimensions of the space or whether you wish to deconstruct the whole desk. Probably the easiest solution would be to remove the grey top and place the desk back facing the corner. Measure your corner space and cut a piece of wood to fit on top of the desk, replacing the grey topper. It will end up looking some thing like the BRUSALI below.

Brusali corner desk

Photo: IKEA.com 

Another possibility would be to detach both ALEX drawers units (legs) from the EKBY ALEX shelf unit (table top) and angle the drawer units at 90 degrees, forming a corner. Then re-attach the shelf unit on top of the legs, with a new table top cut to the fit the corner dimensions.

If you want a neater finish, I would suggest cutting 2 pieces of the corner shaped table top. I sketched it out for your. Pardon my drawing. I can’t draw to save my life. But you get the idea.

Corner desk solution

Screw the first table top to the legs. Then place the EKBY ALEX shelf unit on top. And then the second piece. This would be a more compact desk compared to the first idea, but you’ll have a bit more storage space with the triangled cubbies at both ends of the EKBY ALEX unit. It may be a little squeezy for your legs under the desk though. But that’s how I would do it. Let us know what’s your final solution.

Good luck on your hack!


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