Wall Wine Rack, a BROGRUND Towel Rail Hack

I used 12 BROGRUND towel rails to create a wall wine rack.

IKEA Brogrund Towel Rail DIY Wall Wine Rack

IKEA items used: BROGRUND Towel Rail (article 303.285.34), Quantity: 12

Photo: IKEA.com


The brackets (side pieces) for the towel rails come with a plastic cover and welded on metal mounting tabs. I first had to remove the plastic cover and metal tabs by prying them off with a flat head screwdriver and pliers.

Once the metal tabs were removed, I drilled two holes into the bracket to serve as new mounting holes (this was difficult as the brackets are made out of stainless steel – I had to get a special tungsten carbide tipped drill bit to do this).

With the towel rails modified, I mounted them onto a ½” plywood board (as per assembly diagram).

IKEA Brogrund Towel Rail DIY Wall Wine Rack

To finish off the look, I encased the assembly using red oak dimensional lumber. I also used a sheet of red oak furniture grade plywood as backing to cover the 1/2″ plywood (this also hides the towel rack mounting points). Finally the piece was stained and varnished.

IKEA Brogrund Towel Rail DIY Wall Wine Rack

~ by Marko Gasic

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Jules Yap