Digital kitchen timer for IKEA DUKTIG kitchen. Beep! Beep!

This IKEA DUKTIG playkitchen has a working digital kitchen timer (and shows the current time, when not counting down). In the end, it actually beeps! Did I mention that the oven is lit during the countdown?

The inspiration for this project came when my two year old daughter had a “small” request for her third birthday. She wanted a little kitchen that says “Beep”. “You want a what?” was my response. “A kitchen that says beep, just like mommy’s kitchen!” she said.

I shot a video of how it works.

How I added a digital kitchen timer to the IKEA DUKTIG

Building a small kitchen to play with can be very time consuming as I’m not a experienced woodworker, so I started with a ‘ready built’ wooden kitchen: the IKEA DUKTIG. From this base, I used an Arduino Nano, clock module, LED buttons and other materials to create the digital kitchen timer. See the complete list here.

Digital kitchen timer for IKEA play kitchen

Some modifications were required on the kitchen, mainly changes to front panel to accommodate the 4 LED-buttons and display. On the left side of the kitchen, I drilled a hole for the power button and on the bottom plate, a hole for the DC jack.

Digital kitchen timer for IKEA play kitchen

Then I wired up the electronics, connecting the Arduino Nano at the centre to:

  • 5V power from DC-DC buck
  • 4 buttons (Start, Stop, Plus and Minus)
  • DS3231
  • TM1637-display
  • Buzzer
  • LED-strip

When the connections were complete (and tested), I assembled the kitchen.

Digital kitchen timer for IKEA play kitchen

The timer works just like Mommy’s kitchen timer. You can set the timer using the blue button and yellow button. The blue button increases the timer and the yellow button decreases the timer. Once the timer is set, push the green button to start the timer. The red button stops the timer. You can also use the red button to stop setting the timer and make the display show the current time again.

Now, she’s happy with her kitchen that goes beep beep, just like mommy’s.

See the complete instructable for the IKEA DUKTIG digital kitchen timer.

~ by Roaldh

Jules Yap