IKEA goes where it’s not gone before with this bold, new collection

If you’ve always imagined IKEA as pine wood and clean lines, IKEA’s new range in collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund will surprise you. The collection, named OMEDELBAR is best described as a hybrid between Goth and Hollywood glamour. It features items like large glass hats, lip-shaped pillows, 3D-printed hands and pillows with eyes. It’s bold, definitely. And you’ll either love it or hate it.

IKEA OMEDELBAR Bea Åkerlund collaboration

This range comes on the heels of the DELAKTIG, the sofa/bed Tom Dixon made with IKEA. That too was a boundary-pushing project, a direction IKEA seems to be taking on regularly these days. I applaud their courage in challenging status quo and our perceptions of what IKEA should be. Hey, these guys even went all the way to “Mars” to bring us the goodies.


Now, back to OMEDELBAR and who is Bea Åkerlund?

OMEDELBAR red lip cushion Bea Åkerlund

Bea Åkerlund describes herself as a fashion activist and is one of the most influential stylist and costume designers in the film and music industry. She has worked with the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and is know for her signature over-the-top look that combines Goth, Punk and a dash of Alice in Wonderland.

As for the collection, “it is all about having fun and not following conventions.”

“The products create the feeling of an exclusive bedroom and dressing room, one you’ll want to linger in forever. Bea’s personal mantra “B. who you are” moves like a red thread through the collection, together with her signature stamp, red lips. And let’s not forget about the stripes! All in all it’s a collection that celebrates individuality and creativity,” states a PR release.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the items in the range.

OMEDELBAR Glasses, lipstick
OMEDELBAR Glasses, lipstick | $3.99/2pk
OMEDELBAR Cushion lip-shaped
OMEDELBAR Cushion lip-shaped | $12.99 / $9.99
OMEDELBAR Vase | $24.99
OMEDELBAR Vase | $24.99
OMEDELBAR Valet stand | $75
OMEDELBAR Clothes rack | $129
OMEDELBAR Wall clock | $29.99
OMEDELBAR LED multi-use lighting | $19.99

My personal favourite is the clock. If it ever comes to my store, I’ll be in line to get one. I love the oversized pocket watch.

I fancy the top hat clear vase too. My fish will like it. I can see myself getting the clothes valet and maybe a few lip-shaped pillows too. But lipstick on glasses – eww – somehow.

Do you have the feels for this bold eclectic collection? Let me know.

Bea’s collection with IKEA was launched February 14 in IKEA USA. If you love these pieces, plan your trip to the mothership ASAP as the pieces are on limited run.

All photos courtesy of IKEA.

Jules Yap