Hackers Help: Shelf unit to straddle kitchen trash can?

I have this terrible corner of my kitchen where the trash can sits. There’s a cheap shelf in the drywall above that holds our phone and a few pens.

Shelf unit to straddle kitchen trash can?

I’d love to find a good shelving unit that can straddle the kitchen trash can but still fit this narrow space, and use its shelves for cookbooks, the phone, etc.

Does anyone know if the Rönnskärr shelf unit will still be stable if I remove the 2 lower shelves to allow it to straddle the trash can? It looks like it will fit as long as it survives losing those shelves.


Has anyone done this, or is there maybe a better product I’m not aware of?

Thanks for the help.

~ by Eric


Hi Eric

Your idea with the Rönnskärr seems possible, as the two back legs seems well held together. See the assembly instructions. You just need to be careful not to over extend the front two legs. Without the last 2 shelves holding the frame together, some wobble would be expected.

Shelf unit to straddle kitchen trash can?

Other possibilities is to hack the IVAR like so

over the toilet storageIt’s for the WC but the concept is similar. I like the idea of using the IVAR as you’ll have more storage options for the top portion, be it a cabinet with doors or open shelving. 

Shelf unit to straddle kitchen trash can?

IKEA does have shelving made for this purpose. The DYNAN open storage is just $10 more than the Rönnskärr but you can be sure it will stand. I just hope it’s not too wide for your available space.

One last idea I have is to use the MOLGER shelving unit.

Shelf unit to straddle kitchen trash can?

To fit the trashcan, omit the second last shelf and fix the last shelf at the base of the legs, at floor level. The shelving unit should still be pretty strong, without much chance of wobble. Place your kitchen trash can on the last shelf.  

Hope it sparks a few ideas for your space. Let us know what happens next.

Happy hacking,