Hackers Help: Room divider ideas for kids’ shared room

We have recently moved and my two “oldest” (3 and 2) are now having to share a room… needless to say this is not going well. I have looked into tents, curtains etc but they just won’t respect the space, I am needing some more “permanent” room divider ideas — however we rent so it can’t be too permanent! Any ideas? We are so desperate!

Thank you.

~ Katie


Hi Katie

Sharing a room can be trying for kids, if they have not grown up with it.

You did not provide any information on the size of the room so I can’t be too specific. But here are a few room divider ideas that can help delineate each child’s space. They are certainly more permanent than tents and curtains but rent-friendly too.

Room divider ideas for kids room

#1 PAX wardrobes as room partition

Richard used the PAX wardrobe system to partition out a room for his son.

room partition

The PAX wardrobe is definitely a good way to add storage and carve out 2 separate spaces for your kids. But you’ll quite a bit of room for this work. Anyhow, take a look at the hack and see whether it works for you.  

#2 STOLMEN/ ELVARLI for bookcase and desk divider

desk room divider

You could make a semi-permanent structure from the ELVARLI system and use it as shelving and desks for the kids. A space to read, write and draw on their own may keep them occupied separately, hopefully. See more of this hack here

#3 KALLAX to the rescue
Room divider ideas for kids' shared room

And of course, there is the KALLAX, the all-time favourite room divider. I have a crazy idea and it could potentially work if your room has space for it. You can have 2 KALLAX units spanning the width of the room to create a “partition wall. Then add a hinge door (or curtain) to close up the doorway when they want some privacy. 

Room divider ideas for kids' shared room

#4 STUVA room divider with storage

stuva room dividerAnd finally, if you prefer something closed up instead of open like the KALLAX, the STUVA units are perfect for it. Plus you’ll get lots of storage space. See how it’s done

Hope you get some thoughts going from these room divider ideas.

Lastly, don’t forget to fasten the units to the wall to avoid tip-over accidents.

If you have more ideas for Katie, do chime in.

Good luck and happy hacking,