KALLAX side table with storage is the perfect small nightstand

For this simple yet effective hack we used a single 1×1 KALLAX unit and transformed it into a combination bedside table and daytime small side table by adding BJORLI legs and a drawer insert.

The KALLAX unit is in my new home office and we needed it to work for a coffee table when I am relaxing on the daybed in ‘sofa mode’, and also as a nightstand when guests visit and the daybed is in ‘sleeping mode’.

As such, we needed a small side table we could move around the room easily. It had to be the right height for the daybed – in both modes. Ideally, it had to have drawers so guests have somewhere to pop their essentials when they visit. The back of the unit had to be white so that I can have it in the middle of the room if there are several people in there having a coffee.

Ikea items used:

  • KALLAX drawer insert
  • BJORLI legs

Other materials and tools:

Small side table with storage from KALLAX cube

How I made this KALLAX nightstand + small side table

We simply built the KALLAX cube.

Then, we measured out the spots to drill in the same place on each corner.

Next, we drilled the holes with a drill bit slightly narrower than the thread.

Before we attached the legs, we filled the hole a little with some white grip. We filled the gap between the table leg (there is a dip in the top of the metal leg so the whole thing isn’t flush with the unit), and screwed the legs into place.

We carefully set it down on the legs so there was some weight on the legs, and left it for a day to set before fitting the drawers insert.

Small side table with storage from KALLAX cube

I’m really pleased with how this small side table turned out, and it is perfect for what I need.

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~ by Zoe Corkhill