Sewing machine table with smart sliding tray for machine

This is my sewing machine table project.

It’s smart because it has a sliding tray that makes it easy to store the sewing machine when I don’t need it.

Makes it super easy to store and access the sewing machine.

IKEA Items used:
  • LINNMON table top x 1 at 150 x 75 cm (art. 202.511.39)
  • ALEX storage unit x 2 (art. 601.928.26)
  • RILL casters x 2 packs totalling 8 pieces (art. 966.713.00)
  • KALLAX shelving unit x 1 (art. 202.758.14)
  • UTRUSTA pull out waste sorting tray x 1 (art. 702.461.12)
Other items used:
  • Wood panel x 2 at 36cm x 58 x 3cm
  • Contact glue
  • 4cm screws x 16
  • 1.5cm screws x 32

Instructions for my smart sewing machine table:

1. Assemble KALLAX Shelving Unit and place it against the wall.

2. Next, assemble the 2 ALEX storage units but do not install the upper panel and the inside shelves yet. Mount RILL caster wheels under the ALEX units.

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3. Then, turn the LINNMON table top upside-down and glue (as shown in the diagram) the two wood panels onto the table top.

My smart sewing table with sliding tray

4. With the table top still on the ground, screw the two ALEX upper panels to the wood panels. You should avoid screwing the LINNMON table top directly onto the ALEX units because it is honeycomb inside. It won’t hold.

5. After that, attach the ALEX units to the upper panels. Turn the desk right side up.

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6. Lastly, mount the inside shelves and place UTRUSTA tray in the right ALEX cabinet.

This sewing machine table costs 190 euros and I like it that the UTRUSTA tray can hold the sewing machine and slide it into the cabinet when I don’t need it.

My smart sewing table with sliding tray

~ by Cristina Marcon

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