Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall décor

Bet you never thought IKEA picture frames — sans pictures — could be wall décor? Carol and Mel did just that. They arranged a bunch of the affordable FISKBO picture frames into a fretwork panel for their wall.

IKEA Item:


Other Materials:

Lay out frames on a large space that you won’t need for a few days.

Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall decor Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall decor
Arrange them into a formation that you like.

Follow instructions on back of adhesive tube and glue the frames together.

Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall decor

Pay attention to keeping frames straight and aligned with even spaces.

Then, let the glue cure thoroughly. We used some heavy books to keep the frames down.

Lastly, install your faux fretwork wall décor with the appropriate wall fixings.

Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall decor
Faux fretwork panel as large scale wall decor

The total cost of our project was $41.

~ by Carol & Mel Davis

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