10 new items at IKEA you’ll want for your home

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 -

Over the last month, if you noticed, a lot of new items quietly snuck into IKEA. They weren’t launched with fanfare. They didn’t come with famous names attached like SPÄNST (with Chris Stamp), INDUSTRIELL (with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek) or the upcoming Off White collection with Virgil Abloh.

While I do love some items in the SPÄNST (like this desk) and INDUSTRIELL range (this armchair and shelving unit), it’s the bread-and-butter IKEA products that keep me going back. And these new items are pure IKEA. I’ve yet to see some of them in person, but boy oh boy! On paper, they look so good. I do hope my local IKEA (Malaysia) brings in all these beauties.

10 new items I’m eyeing at IKEA

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - Sandared pouffes
SANDARED Pouffes | IKEA.com

Pouffes are all the rage now and it’s time for IKEA to get in the game. The SANDARED pouffes are knitted, comes in three different sizes and the covers can be easily removed and washed. I want all three!

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - FRIDAFORS tray table
FRIDAFORS tray table | IKEA.com

Is it a tray? A coffee table? Bedside table? It’s all three and more. The FRIDAFORS tray table is as functional as it is beautiful. And the blue is just perfect. When you don’t need it, simply remove the tray and fold up the legs to store.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - PROVINSROS quilt cover
PROVINSROS quilt cover | IKEA.com

Made from 100% cotton from sustainable sources, PROVINSROS quilt cover feels soft on the skin. The natural material breathes and leaves you cool and comfortable all through the night. And it comes in chic ethnic patterns in white and blue. Can’t wait to snuggle in bed with this.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - BJÖRKSNÄS COLLECTION
BJÖRKSNÄS collection | IKEA.com

The BJÖRKSNÄS collection is IKEA at its Scandinavian best. That’s no surprise as the collection is designed by famed IKEA designer duo, Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg. The pieces are made from solid wood and the designs clean and minimal. The BJÖRKSNÄS collection includes a bed frame, bedside table, and chest of drawers. I love the rounded edges and leather details.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - BJÖRKSNÄS chest of drawers
BJÖRKSNÄS chest of drawers | IKEA.com
New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - BJÖRKSNÄS bed frame
BJÖRKSNÄS bed frame | IKEA.com

Knut and Marianne share their ideas behind the collection: “The inspiration for BJÖRKSNÄS collection comes from our Scandinavian roots and from the reality of everyday life. The neat and airy look is characterised by natural materials with fine carpentry details and proportions that make the furniture fit in many rooms. These are classic and freestanding products created to last a long time and to survive the ever-changing world of interior design. Practical and with a simplistic design idiom which is typically Scandinavian.” Spot on.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - SNIDAD BASKET
SNIDAD basket | IKEA.com

I’m currently obsessed with rattan and I’m thrilled to see it making a splash at IKEA. The SNIDAD basket is handmade from natural rattan with a lacquered finish. I want one in my living room for handy storage of pillows and quick pick-ups before the guests arrive.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - KANELSTÅNG PLANT STAND
KANELSTÅNG plant stand | IKEA.com

Another winning rattan piece. The KANELSTÅNG plant stand is eclectic and whimsy. At a glance, I think it can be hacked into a pretty side table, pendant light or stool too.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - PEPPARKORN VASE

Perhaps it’s the tint of blue, somehow the PEPPARKORN vase captured my attention. It’s touted as having the perfect dimensions to hold flowers of different heights. The width of the vase opening has been sized to hold an entire bouquet or just a single decorative branch.

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - GAMLESJÖN TAP

If you’re going for a traditional or industrial style in your kitchen, the GAMLESJÖN tap will fit right in. Don’t you love the brushed black metal with bolt-shaped knobs?

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - PLATSA STORAGE
PLATSA storage | IKEA.com

Will the PLATSA be replacing the PAX or BESTÅ anytime soon? I hope not. All three systems have their strength, uniqueness and place in our homes. What’s interesting about the PLATSA is how modular it is. Perhaps IKEA has seen how we hack PAX wardrobes to fit under the eaves or stairs and decided to provide a solution for tricky living spaces. Another thing to note, the PLATSA uses wedge dowels, which promises to ease assembly woes. The dowels click into predrilled holes and can be easily assembled and disassembled when moving homes. Can we give a hurray for this?

New items - IKEA Spring 2018 - ENEBY SPEAKERS
ENEBY speakers | IKEA.com

This is IKEA’s first foray into music and honestly, I’m curious. I’ve yet to see (hear) this in person and if you have, let us know how good (or bad) it sounds. ENEBY speakers are Bluetooth® connected and are available in two sizes and colours. They can be mounted on the stands or wall brackets that are sold separately, or placed in KALLAX or EKET storage systems. The small speaker has a handle so it can be hung on a hook or taken along to a party or picnic, as it’s possible to add a battery pack to it.

Do check out these new items on your next IKEA run and report back. We want the deets.

And yes, your local IKEA may not carry all these new items. We can only keep our fingers crossed our favourite pieces are available.