“Fill that Niche” small space storage hack

My hubby and I live in 300 sq. ft. home. While he walked the 200 mile Camino Primitivo in Spain, I designed and built a small space storage unit to fill a 6 x 16″ niche in our “living room”. On the far right appears a floor to ceiling custom built-in shelving unit. On the left, an efficiency kitchen and laundry room I built from a SUNNERSTA KITCHEN and CART in a 5 x 3 ft. former laundry closet).

I built and installed this in one day. It cost about $100 USD for the following materials:

  • 6 DYNAN wall shelves
  • 6 deep, fat-headed screws for studs
  • 2 VARIERA shelf inserts 11” depth

Six DYNAN wall shelf units were stacked, bolted together following the IKEA instructions, and each unit also anchored to a stud in the back wall. Although not designed to stack this high, given it is rammed between three walls and anchored to a stud, it has already survived a 3.8 California earthquake without budging!

The only real hack is cantilevering the shelf out using 11″ deep VARIERA shelving insert shelves (without support legs). The VARIERA shelf piece clicks down into the bottom rear of the DYNAN base and is secured with a protruding screw and tiny wood block (to keep the VARIERA shelf from popping up in the back). As I only put objects whose weight is substantially supported by the DYNAN base, it is merely a comforting visual that wider objects have a deeper shelf for support.

~ by Sally Martin of zippityglobal

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