An IKEA storage bed hack optimizes space in a Parisian apartment

We love how the platform bed hack increased storage without sacrificing comfort or ease of use.

To fit out a 29 m2 (312 sq feet) studio, we had a two options in order to maximise the storage and flow of the space.

  • The first was to construct a convertible sofa and storage module but that would mean having to open up and close the bed daily.
  • The second was to put in place a double bed in addition to the sofa. With this option, we would have not much space left for all the storage.

Then, we thought, “Why choose when we can have it all?” A sofa, a large bed and lots of storage space! An IKEA hack was the way to go.

To make this possible we took advantage of the height of the apartment and built a platform storage bed. With further thought we were able to maximize the space and define the volumes: on one side, the living room with the sofa and a small table. On the other, in a raised platform, a sleeping area designed like a cocoon with its screen.

IKEA storage bed hack for small 300 sq feet apartment using IKEA BESTA frames
Arnaud de Matties

IKEA storage bed hack for small apartment

Modular IKEA products allowed us to adapt the design of the platform to match our room. Other clever IKEA hacks use kitchen cabinets and MALM dressers to build platform beds. We preferred the BESTÅ range as the proposed dimensions and their solid construction was most suitable for our purpose.

Then came the most complicated part. We had to select the pieces that we will need. Making a sketch of the built was the only way to minimise error.

Sketch for IKEA platform storage bed hack
Sketch for IKEA platform storage bed hack
Arnaud de Matties

IKEA items needed for storage bed: 

2 BESTÅ 120x40x64 cm
2 BESTÅ 60x40x64 cm
5 LAPPVIKEN doors 60×64 cm
BESTÅ hinges (5 sets)
5 BESTÅ shelves 56×36 cm
1 MALM nightstand with 2 drawers 40×55 cm

Once the furniture for the bed frame was defined, we determined the dimensions of the boards. To simplify the process, you can go to a DIY store that provides a cutting service. We recommend checking the dimensions of each board against your measurements. Cutting errors can easily happen and will make the construction of the bed platform a nightmare. 

For wooden planks, I recommend poplar plywood (better value for money). Avoid okoumé which is less solid and rarely regular.

However for painted boards, plywood is not the most suitable, while MDF is the perfect support for painting. We also added a shopping list below for the hardware you’ll need for assembling the platform bed below:

Other materials and tools: 

From the DIY store:
8 Cleats 28x40x240
2 poplar plywood 200×80
9 Drill bits and screws for brackets
12 Long screws and nut
30 Wood screws 4×16
27 Wood screws 4×50
2 metal legs 10×2
2 metal legs 20×5
Small metal corner brackets
1 Hole saw
3 Large metal brackets
1 Small lamp with its support
Wood glue

Steps to hack an IKEA storage bed:

1. To start, assemble IKEA BESTÅ furniture. Then join frames together with metal braces. At the same height as the frames, we fixed large metal L-brackets on the wall to support the platform and ensure stability of the bed.

3. Position the jamb and the wooden boards. Then fix them to the wall brackets and IKEA cabinet frames.

3. To finish, fix a reinforcement leg under the platform to ensure the sturdiness of the bed.

Tip: To have better ventilation of the mattress, you can make openings on the boards using a hole saw.

One more thing, do not forget to remove the backing board of one of the pieces of BESTÅ frames to allow access under the bed. The extra space offers plenty of storage or can be used as a secret den in a kids’ room situation. 

Optional feature but it made a big difference in creating a real cocoon and personalizing the platform bed, we added a partition made from wooden slats.

Trellis to partition IKEA storage bed from rest of room

How long and how much did it cost?

2 days, around 400€

What do you like most about the hack?

The platform bed and the addition of the room divider creates a cozy cocoon and it’s great for storing lots of things in a small space. Everyone loves this creation. We like how it increased the storage space without sacrificing comfort or ease of use.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

The IKEA storage bed is not a difficult hack. Just focus on properly assembling the IKEA BESTÅ storage units that you will need for the bed frame.

Other things to consider in this DIY storage bed.

I didn’t do this but you can use a hole saw to make holes in the boards to create ventilation for the mattress (especially if you have a foam mattress.)

See more details of the bed on my blog.

~ by Arnaud de Matteis

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