Toddler bunk bed resized from KURA loft bed

Due to limited space in our girls’ bedroom, we wanted to get a toddler bunk bed. Only ones we could find were handmade and expensive!

I always liked to make something, after seeing KURA hacks on IKEAhackers, the idea came! The KURA bed is ideal as the height was safe for our young girls and it was easy to amend. Our girls love to store their drinks, toys while in bed, so the idea of adding a BILLY bookcase as a shelf/ storage came too.

All the items were second hand, found on Gumtree and eBay over less than half the price of new. We got everything for £150 (not including mattresses). Which was way better than over £500 for a handmade toddler bunk bed!

I most like that the hack can be interrupted in many different ways, sizes, and colours!

IKEA items used:
  • 2 x KURA Beds
  • 2 x BILLY Bookcases
KURA reversible bed |
Other materials and tools:

How to turn the KURA loft bed into a toddler bunk bed

1. Build a KURA Bed (as a high bed) as per IKEA’s instructions

2. Place the Toddler/Cot Size mattress on the bed and mark against the frame and slates were you need to cut down to fix that mattress. (I shortened both sides, so the steps were made smaller so these are in proportion to the smaller bed.)

Toddler bunk bed made from KURA loft bed

3. The depth measurement included a BILLY Bookcase’s width (if not using the bookcase don’t include this sizing).

4. Using a Circular Saw, cut all the frames, slates, and boards to size (remember to keep the ‘off cuts’ together with each piece cut)

5. Use the ‘off cuts’ to replicate the screw holes at the end of your newly cut edge.

6. Sand down all frames, and boards. Then use Sugar Soap to clear the surface ready for painting.

Toddler bunk bed made from KURA loft bed

7. Paint as required (I used paint 2:1 water ratio)

8. Once painted, apply wax.

9. The second Kura Bed’s slates, end board and one frame were used to create the lower bed’s ‘headboard’ and bed. These were fitted to the lower frame the same way as the ‘high bed’ is connected.

10. Fix all back together, as per the original IKEA’s instructions.

Toddler bunk bed made from KURA loft bed Toddler bunk bed made from KURA loft bed

11. The Billy Bookcase, cut down the ends to size to fit the width of the bed. (I cut both sides so the middle support was still centred when completed)

12. Replicate the screw holes on your newly cut edges.

13. Sand, Clean, and Paint and Wax as per the Bed.

14. Lay the bookcase on its side, and screw to Kura’s bed frame. This is best done when the mattresses are fitted so the height is correct.

Toddler bunk bed made from KURA loft bed

Since creating this my nephews (twins aged 3) loved it. Now they have their own toddler bunk bed, plain wood without the bookcase.

I hope you like this hack, have a go. It’s all just copying and replicating what IKEA created to a smaller scale!

~ Nathan Williams