Small dog? DIY these dog steps from IKEA crates

I decided to hack the dog steps after watching my puppy struggle to get onto the couch. The options online didn’t suit our decor and we needed an option quite quickly.

The project only took me an hour to make and the cost was low as I already had the other tools. The total cost I paid was $32.99.

IKEA products used:
  • 3 x KNAGGLIG box
  • 1 x GURLI cushion cover in grey
Other materials:
  • Staple gun with staples
  • Strong glue suitable for fabric and wood

Steps for my DIY dog steps

1. Cut two rectangles of fabric from Gurli pillow case. Ensure they are large enough to cover the base of the Knagglig box including some overhang.

2. Assemble all Knagglig boxes as per instructions. However, do not attach the base on 2 of the 3 boxes.

Small dog? DIY these dog steps from IKEA crates

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3. Using the fabric cut earlier, wrap the remaining bases. The flat side will act as the step for your dog.

4. Glue wrapped box bases into place to complete the box.

5. Glue one fabric covered box on top of the box without fabric using strong glue.

6. Lastly, glue the two steps together using strong glue and leave overnight. And your dog steps are done.

Small dog? DIY these dog steps from IKEA crates

Pay special attention to the thickness of the fabric you choose as the base may not be able to slide in to the box.

~ by Courtney

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