Stylish Rabbit Hutch plans. A cosy spot for Amigo.

rabbit hutch plans

Here are my rabbit hutch plans to convert the IKEA BESTÅ units into a stylish and classy rabbit hutch for my rabbit, Amigo.

Amigo is let out of the hutch most of the time. He uses it to sleep and have his alone time.

(Editor’s Note: If you have more than one rabbit, a large one or intend to keep your rabbits confined, this hutch design is not suitable. For rabbit space requirements, please check out the following link for indoor rabbit housing requirements.)

rabbit hutch IKEA hack
  • BESTÅ cabinet
  • MDF board
  • Wire netting for doors
  • Tiles for flooring

Rabbit hutch plans

rabbit hutch plans
Rabbit hutch plans

The base is an IKEA BESTÅ cabinet. I made an opening between the two cabinets and finished the hole with some wood slats.

IKEA hack for rabbits

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To make wire doors I made an MDF board frame with a slit to fasten the wire.

IKEA hack for rabbits

The inside of the BESTÅ cabinet needs to be waterproof. To make it so, I added some mosaic tiles to the floor of the cabinet.

Last step, was to assemble the doors onto the frame. I added a magnetic latch to keep the doors closed, when necessary.

rabbit hutch plans

Bunny like to lie soft, so I’ve put a nice soft mat inside the hutch.

Don’t forget to add your bunny’s favourite toys and accessories too.

~ by Evelien Lulofs, Deventer, The Netherlands

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