Show off your shoes in this gorgeous gold rack

As part of my ongoing hunt for more storage I was looking for a creative way to store my shoes on display but without forking out tonnes of money for it. I knew I wanted some kind of bookcase or shelving unit but looking online at pieces to upcycle just wasn’t working well for me. I knew I wanted something metallic and simple so as not to take the focus away from the other furniture I had in the room.

After hunting I decided I wanted something like the HYLLIS shelving unit but it just didn’t have enough shelves for my liking. So I decided to buy two of them which wasn’t too expensive since they are only around £9 each anyway! My plan was to use the extra shelves from the second unit and attach them to the first one in between where the other shelves were meant to go.

Items for my shoe display rack:

Before building the actual units, I took the 4 posts and all the shelves, laid them outside and sprayed them all over using a gold spray paint. I sprayed each section of the shelves with about 3 coats all in all. I made sure that I kept rotating the legs and shelves so that every inch of them was covered.

I then drilled some holes on the legs where the extra shelves would go. This was quite difficult as the drill kept slipping so eventually I used masking tape to stop this happening and it seemed to work quite well! If you do this, make sure you use a suitable drill bit though.

Shoe display rack: A HYLLIS hack Shoe display rack: A HYLLIS hack Shoe display rack: A HYLLIS hack

Once all the individual bits were dry and fully coated and the holes had been drilled I then assembled the whole thing. As a side note, it is also worth spraying the tops of the screws gold too so that you don’t end up with screws that look out of place. I then carried the shoe display rack up to my spare room and started to organise my shoes until it warmed my heart!

Shoe display rack: A HYLLIS hack

Shoe display rack: A HYLLIS hack

Not including drying time this took me about an hour and a half.

See the full tutorial of my shoe display rack on my blog.

~ by Chloe Rees

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