Hackers Help: Make IKEA dresser into laundry hamper cabinet?

laundry hamper cabinet ikea

I have this IKEA HEMNES 8-drawer dresser.

IKEA HEMNES 8-drawer dresser
HEMNES 8-drawer dresser | IKEA.com

And due to downsizing to a house with 1,000 less square feet, a much smaller master bedroom and no walk-in closet, our laundry game is out of control.

I’m wondering if there is a way to convert this dresser to a laundry sorter.

One thought I had was to use the KOMPLEMENT pull out laundry sorter, but I’m not quite sure how to go about that. I’d be grateful for any ideas!

KOMPLEMENT pull-out storage bag | IKEA.com
KOMPLEMENT pull-out storage bag | IKEA.com


~ by Meghan


Hi Meghan

A new house will always present new challenges, but take heart, you’ll adapt as you get used to the new space. Soon, you’ll find ingenious ways to maximize your square footage. And as they say, necessity is the mother of invention and we’re happy you’re considering IKEA hacking your HEMNES.

#1 Hidden laundry hamper cabinet

I’ve seen a smart conversion of the MALM dresser into a hidden laundry hamper cabinet.

laundry basket in ikea malm dresser

Close the lid and no one would guess it hides dirty laundry.

laundry basket in malm dresserThe key is to join the drawers together to form a box. I figure the same hack can be applied to the 2 wide drawers on one or both sides.

Check out the post here for information on the disguised MALM laundry basket hack. A more detailed step-by-step instruction for the disguised clothes hamper hack is published in the IKEAhackers book.

#2 Pull out laundry hamper cabinet

Another way to skin the HEMNES into a laundry hamper cabinet is to create a taller drawer front for the bottom drawer.

Like so:

Source: Amazon

The front should be large enough to span both drawer spaces. Attach the front to the bottom drawer and place laundry baskets in the bottom drawer. Pull out to use the laundry hamper. You could reuse the HEMNES drawer fronts to create a seamless look.

#3 Hanging pull out laundry basket

This is another way to hack it is to get rid of the drawers entirely. Use drawer runners and a wood frame to hold up the laundry basket and drawer front. In this case, you may be able to use the KOMPLEMENT pull-out laundry sorter. Do check whether the size fits.

Source: Amazon

It works but I don’t think it is as secure as the former, especially when the load gets heavy.

Hope you get some ideas to sort out your laundry game.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


Jules Yap